Why Competitive Intelligence?

Over 90% of the companies from FORTUNE 500 use competitive intelligence as a way of sustaining the firms decisions. Western European countries are present in this rankings with many companies from different industries and business sectors. In contrast, with a single exception, companies from the East Europe are not part from Fortune 500: a company from Poland managed to rank in this top on the 454th place. This says a lot about the power that the resource of intelligence has in a company.


Short history of Competitive Intelligence.

Competitive Intelligence or Intelligence in Business has it’s origins in the military intelligence activity and was born over four decades ago in the United States. Some of the big American companies have hired retired officers from the intelligence services in order to create early warning systems on the actions of competitors. If at that time things were delicate, as in the case of Marriott, today the activity of competitive intelligence is an activity of collecting and analyzing information placed fully in the ethical and lawful zone.

Intelligence Pyramid

The lack of culture in terms of the activity of competitive intelligence or otherwise competitiveness through value-added information, often puts them in a position to do serious confusion between information and intelligence. Although similar, these two terms are at different pyramid levels. There is a big difference between an IT specialist and an intelligence analyst. There aren’t any IT specialists who can make good intelligence analysis as there aren’t any intelligence analysts who can create good IT programs.


How we do?

In the digital economy characterized by rapidity, where the unpredictability is the only certainty, more and more large companies develop their own competitive intelligence structure. That is why they turn to retired officers of the intelligence services, as they have the experience, knowledge and skills necessary for the collection and the processing of information.


How we do

However, creating these type of structure involves costs that can reach to around 100,000 EUR per year for one or two specialists. As a result, they are unsustainable for small and medium sized companies. Therefore, through our program for outsourcing to companies, we consider the delicate issue of this costs as resolved. Q-intell provides outsourcing services of competitive intelligence for business purpose to companies of all sizes from Romania, by distributing them a dedicated intelligence analyst.

Our Work

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